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Know what’s better than Google Business Email? A faster Gmail inbox without the @email address. Take your domain and use it to create addresses like or You still get all of Gmail’s awesome features, but now you’re promoting your website with every message you send. Having email with your domain gives you instant credibility and promotes your brand with every message you send.

Adding the option of email powered by Google combines your domain name with the complete features of Gmail as well as the Google Apps suite benefits such as calendar, storage, and chat. Now, you can manage your website and email all in one place!

google business emails

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Professional email, online storage,shared calendars,video meetings, and more

Faster Mail
You can use Gmail for all your work related purposes. Gmail is spam protected and the high powered Take a look
A Calendar explicitly crafted for teams. Schedule and share important events and meetings with your teammates.
Google Drive
You are provided with a large storage of around 30GB and that too for a single email id. You can save all your data in Google Drive
Spam and virus protection
Google email filtering ensures your users and infrastructure are protected against threats like spam and viruses.
Business Chat
You can conduct HD meetings with your colleagues from any part of the world.
Control Panel
Manage all your functions from your Google Admin Console.